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Myriam Haqqi‎ Myriam Haqqi‎

Best place ever! I don't want this experience to be over 

Ehab H. ALsadiEhab H. ALsadi

In this institue can improve English language.

Saif KinanSaif Kinan

ايام جميلة كانت معكم والتعاون كان اجمل

Ali BioAli Bio

انا من الطلاب الي امظيت سنة كاملة المعهد وكانت أجواء الدراسة مميزة ومفيدة جدا

Ameer Al-shamari Ameer Al-shamari

أنا قضيت في المعهد سنة ونصف كانت احلى أيام في حياتي وأستفدت كثيرا من المعهد

‎كاظم فؤاد‎ ‎كاظم فؤاد‎

شكراً لكم كنتم رائعين علمتمونا كثيراً سوف تبقون في قلوبنا 

MustaFa Hameed MustaFa Hameed

Honestly, it's the best place to mastering English!

سيد احمدسيد احمد

Its a perfect institute I loved it.

Mohamed Ihsan Al-NaqeebMohamed Ihsan Al-Naqeeb

One of the best English Institute in Iraq, especially in TOEFL exam preparation.

Dimound DimoundDimound Dimound

Wonderful and I like it so much . I hope to be one of its members . I'm thankful and grateful for all people who work their and wish the best for them. them


شي رائع وتجربة ممتازة واتمنى الموفقيه لجميع العاملين به



  • Registration and placement testing will be held on the (27 &28)th of April. Testing will take at Al-Harthiya place from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. The student will need $30 for registration and testing.(Starting session on 16th of June 2019)
  • Registration and placement testing will be held on the (9)th of February. Testing will take at Al-Jadria place from 2:00 Pm until 4:00 pm The student will need $30 for registration and testing.(Starting session on 10th of March 2019)
  • After the registration, we will test the student on the same day for 1 hr. We will tell the student a date to come and get his results, pay $270, and give us a photo and a copy of his Iraqi ID. 
  • You will need to visit the Institute between 10am-4pm, Sun-Th.
  • We have 8 levels. Each level class lasts for 6 weeks, meeting two times a week. Each class lecture is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Classes will be offered at three times each day, 9:30-12:00, 12:30-3:00, and 4:30-7:00. The cost will be $300.
  • If a student registers and does not show up for class, his registration will be canceled. 
  • We will give the students half of their payment back only if the student cancels from the first day of payment until the end of the first week of the session. Students may not postpone courses, nor can they replace their registration with someone else.
  • We are not responsible for parking of student’s cars. Students will not be allowed to bring a child, relative, or friend to the Institute. Students are required to give their mobile phones to the security guards before class begins each day. 
  • Every student will be allowed 3 absences. A 4th absence will make it impossible for the student to receive final test and certificate. 
  • GEI keeps earned certificates for two years. Two years after completion of a course, we will dispose of all certificates not claimed.
  • Students will not be allowed to postpone the final test. The results of the test will be given either pass or fail. The certificate will be ready 5 days after the final test. 
  • We will offer a TOEFL (IBT) preparation course. It will last 8 weeks,Friday and Saturday from 9am to 12pm,At (Al-Harthiya) for $500 & (IELTS) It will last 8 weeks, Friday and Saturday from 9:00Am to 12:00pm ,At (AL-Jadria) for $500. We will need a self-picture and a copy of gensia. For your information, GEI offers the official TOEFL IBT  test. Our code is STN14422A, and the cost $250.
  • Feel free to contact us: